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Valls is a 4e campaign in an original setting created originally by Zach Zimet and Jacob Stam.

The cast of characters include to following: Helga, a red dragonborn orc formerly a soldier in Dragheri Nordenburg’s army.

Richard, a Shadar Kai wizard and claims to be from a noble family in the orc city of Morgothi in the southern jungle though he shows no signs of wealth and influence that come from such status.

Emo is a young ghul rogue with a particular talent for killing undead, but keeps his motives and history to himself.

Morrison, a Guila lizardfolk scout who spent time as a guide for Nordenburg’s military met Helga on mission in the no-man’s land near ironbridge.

Half Penny, a wandering champion of Shadow Jack from Free Tirabad, which is to say she has an uncanny knack for getting in to trouble and scraping out with a heaping mix of guile, brilliance, and luck.

The Taur, a minotaur chosen of Tobias was traveling with Half Penny while coming to terms with the powers and instincts that were awakened on the day he was favored by Tobias in tempest at sea.

Home Page

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