Conclusion of the Shadowfell Keep adventure.
Session summary

The fight with the under-priest Mekmet, his vampire minions, and the human paladins of Axe Bloodbather in the sacrificial chamber of blood was taxing but the group pressed on in their search for the cult leader Kalarel to stop his plans for opening a rift to the Lands of the Dead. The only other exit was to follow the blood through the ten floor wide drain hole in the floor and to descend down in to darkness.

The trail of blood collected in a 30 foot pool in the center of a massive chamber with holy symbols of Mekmet and glowing statues of the god of Death throughout. In the south there was a glowing archway covered in runes surrounding an undulating curtain of blackness the flickering light in the chamber. In the east stood Kalarel, scion of Mekmet reading aloud from a black tome which caused the runes surrounding the portal to flicker and vibrate with the cadence of his speech. A deathlock wight was kneeling between a pair or Mekmet statues in the west end of the chamber.

Two skeletal guards rushed the party as they made the final descent and positioned themselves to bar the path to their master from these interlopers while the wight lobbed paralytic necrotic bolts from clear across the room. The party engaged the skeletons with Helga and the Taur working to make an opening that Morrison was able to exploit in order to rush Kalarel. In the face of Morrison’s assault with the blazing sunblade of Sella, the priest teleported to a circle of protection in front of the archway where he proceeded to rain curses down on the party that was methodically taking apart his skeletal minions. Morrison and Emo rushed him in the circle but found him a much harder opponent to tag within the protective runes in front of the arch. Eventually the skeletons fell one by one and the party converged on the priest driving him out of the protective circle and towards the black curtain. Unfortunately engaging him there sparked the curtain in to action which proceeded to claw and pull at anyone besides Kalarel who stepped too close.

The Taur was almost pulled in to the curtain on a few times before the priest and his minions were finally defeated. As Kalarel fell to a knee in defeat the black curtain seemed to sense his failure and was displeased. It proceeded to reach in to his armor as it grabbed his head and wrenched his entire skelton out through top of the breastplate leaving nothing in the armor but pools of blood and strips of skin sheered off on the edges of the scale armor. The mangled body was then drawn in to the curtain as the runes surrounding it began to fade.

Half Penny claimed Kalarel’s armor as a prize and Morrison took his necrotic mace to balance his the sun blade he wields in his right hand, while Richard contented himself with some new bedtime reading from the priest’s grimoire.

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